Start your own Living Lab

Have an idea, an invention or innovation that you want to test as a pilot in Delft?

You can, because at the municipality we have someone who can help. The Project Manager for Delft’s Experimental Living Labs can guide you through the process and assist you in developing your idea further. We cannot subsidise your project, but we can help in many other ways.

To be eligible for assistance your idea must meet the following criteria:

1. Your idea is of an innovative and pioneering character.

2. The innovative development is not already in use elsewhere.

3. It must be applicable beyond the experimental phase.

4. There must be someone, a professional partner, willing and able to set up the experiment.

Want to know more? Please contact Mr. Laurens Engelbrecht, e-mail:, phone number: + 31 - (0) 6 52739176, or Mr. Jos Littel, e-mail, Phone number + 31 (0) 652738762.