Flood Proof Holland

Showcase for water engineering ingenuity

Showcase for water engineering ingenuity

Just south of the campus of TU Delft, close to the A13, is the unique Experimental Living Lab: Flood Proof Holland; a dyke with six separate basins. In these basins entrepreneurs, together with students from the TU Delft, test and demonstrate innovative temporary dikes.

Fieldlab Flood Proof Holland

Flood Proof Holland makes it possible to test damning and dike techniques under natural conditions. These new inventive techniques allow for finding solutions to temporary high water conditions. The innovative temporary flood defences are smart, efficient and inexpensive solutions which can be used in cases of natural calamities and disasters in order to prevent flooding. Ultimately, they aim to offer an effective alternative to the old-fashioned sandbag solution.

Alternative products

With this unique test and demonstration site entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and research institutions are provided the opportunity to test and demonstrate innovative flood measures. Currently a variety of different defence mechanisms are being tested: BoxBarrier®Box Barrier, Tube Barrier, Green Soil Bag, SLAMdam, Hillblock and Vlotterkering.

International appeal

Temporary flood defences have drawn international attention, from both a developmental and economic point of perspective. In the past year the polder has been visited by 15 international delegations, including Brazil, Thailand and Romania and by different film crews, from the Netherlands (NOS RTLNieuws), Canada (Discovery Channel), Vietnam and England (BBC). Since this exposure, some entrepreneurs have sold their products, including 200 box barriers and to a Cordaid project in Bangladesh with

This pilot project falls under the Valorisation Programme Delta Technology & Water (VPdelta) and is financed by the ERDF, Opportunities for West.

About VPdelta

VPdelta creates test- and showcase facilities, connects entrepreneurs, scientists and governments, accelerates startups and implements innovations. VPdelta works in partnership with various members of the delta cluster. The field labs are breeding grounds for new scientific insights. Through testing, demonstrations and large-scale application by launching customers (area managers) up-to-date knowledge finds its way into the day-to-day practice of delta management.


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