Traffic lights 'talk' to cars

Never drive through a red light again

Never drive through a red light again

The City of Delft and Siemens are investigating the possibility of improving traffic safety and the traffic flow by making traffic lights 'talk' to cars. Combining the information on when a traffic light turns green, amber or red with the navigation system will not only automatically indicate the fastest route, but will also notify you in advance of an imminent red light.

Sharing information

Siemens has been supplying traffic control systems for controlling traffic lights in Delft for years. These systems contain all of the data on when a light turns green and how long a light will remain green, red or amber. In cooperation with the City of Delft, Siemens is now investigating if and how this information can be shared with road users. The eventual goal is for drivers to anticipate red lights on the basis of this information by adjusting their speed and - using their navigation system - possibly their route.

Better Use Programme

Eddy Verhoeven,Project Manager of Siemens: "This initiative is a perfectly match for the knowledge that Delft and Siemens possess in the field of intelligent traffic systems. This new demonstration offers promising prospects and fits perfectly into the Better Use Programme of the Dutch government."

Intelligent Transport Systems

Many developments in the field of so-called Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) are currently taking place at both national and international level. These systems enable vehicles to communicate with each other and with the fixed infrastructure, the so-called roadside systems. Technology group Siemens is involved with various C-ITS projects. For example, the company is participating in a C-ITS project for preventing phantom traffic jams on the A58.


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