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N470 Kruithuisweg carries 40,000 cars per day

N470 Kruithuisweg carries 40,000 cars per day

The Kruithuisweg highway is the link between the A4 and A13 freeways, and the main gateway to the Delft University of Technology Campus. It is a very busy road, on which 40,000 cars travel on a daily basis. It covers 5 km, has 7 intersections operated by traffic lights and one bascule bridge.

​Cooperation agreement

On the initiative of the research school TRAIL, the Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), the Province of South Holland, the University of Delft, TNO (an independent research organization) and the City of Delft have signed a collaboration agreement. This agreement, which falls under the ATMO project (Advanced Traffic Monitoring), has resulted in the Kruithuisweg being converted into a research and testing facility.


New traffic control algorithms can be simulated using real-time traffic data or tested in reality on the Kruithuisweg. The new, ‘Multi-Agent Look-Ahead Traffic-Adaptive Control’ system was first used here, and has resulted in reducing travel waiting time by 19%.


The Kruithuisweg is available to anyone who would like to test innovative traffic control systems.

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