High-Tech recumbent bicycle

Jan Bos caught speeding during test in high-tech recumbent bicycle

Jan Bos caught speeding during test in high-tech recumbent bicycle

Ex-Olympic skater Jan Bos was caught speeding over the Prinses Beatrixlaan in Delft with 60 km/h. Bos was testing the VeloX 6, a high-tech recumbent bicycle from the Human Power Team. The student team from the TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam is aiming to break the world speed record for human-powered vehicles. In preparation for the race the team tested the vehicle, in September they hope to achieve a top speed of 140 km/h.

Caught by the police

The regional police was also present at the test. A motor-officer used a speed-gun and measured a top speed of 59 km/h, more than 9 kilometres faster than the permitted speed limit and sufficient to be flashed. "May I see your ID for the ticket?!" the officer joked. The ticket has not been issued because the road was closed off with permission.

World record

Annually the team participates in the World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC) in September in the Nevada desert, USA. This year (September 2016) the team will also be participating in the race. "Nevada has a very long, straight road. The driver has eight kilometres to get up to speed. After that he enters a 200m 'speed trap' zone, during which his average speed is measured, and hopefully a new world record is ridden.

In 2013, the team achieved the world speed record with a speed of 133.78 km/h. Last September (2015), this record was broken by a Canadian with 139.4 km/h. This years' challenge for the students is to break this newly set record. Upcoming 12 - 17 September, the team will join the race for the sixth time, aiming to go over 140 km/h and return home with a new world record. During the six-day event both riders, former Olympic skater Jan Bos and former professional cyclist Rick Flens the chance to break the record.

Air resistance

The VeloX 6, fully human powered, has no windows. This reduces the air resistance. The drivers look through a camera and a monitor. In addition, this years' bike has a radical new aerodynamic shell. It is designed to handle the influences of crosswinds. As a result, the newest bike is extremely stable compared to previous years.


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