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Iwheels in the city and even in the supermarket?!

Iwheels in the city and even in the supermarket?!

If the city is bursting at the seams with car traffic, everything else will grind to a halt as well. Iwheels - personal electric vehicles, which don't emit exhaust fumes and require little road and parking space - can help the city get back in the flow.

Bustling city of the future

We-all-wheel is striving for a bustling city complemented by monowheels, balance boards, kick scooters, mini Segways and folding bikes. People will be able to make it to work or their favorite shops in no time!

We-all-wheel makes connections and helps start-ups navigate the world of regulation and legislation.

Testing is necessary

Various types of Iwheels are already allowed on the road. However, there are many other unique Iwheels that take up even less space and can more easily be brought into shops. These Iwheels should also be given a chance to prove their worth in traffic or in supermarkets, as this is the best way to find out whether they're safe and the potential Iwheels of the future. An innovative way to determine the ease of use and safety of Iwheels is to test them in interaction with other road users and in various different contexts (roads, cycle lanes, pedestrian zones and shops).

Testing is fun and has surprising results

We got started at the end of August. Students of The Hague University of Applied Sciences rode Iwheels in a residential area, on the market square and in an Albert Heijn supermarket – the very first time Iwheels were allowed inside there. We received many positive reactions, from other customers and employees alike. The Iwheels turned out to be highly maneuverable, deftly finding their way from aisle to aisle. An interesting finding on the market square was that tourists from Spain and the U.S., where cycling is not as common as it is in the Netherlands, were particularly enthusiastic about the Iwheels. More experiences to follow in the coming months...

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