Intelligent Heating Network

Intelligent Heating Network

Intelligent Heating Network

The TU Delft is going to make its campus more sustainable in the upcoming years. Making the heating network intelligent is an important part of this transformation. With the new heating network buildings and infrastructure are meant to communicate better with each other through a smart network. Therefore supply and demand of the heat on different temperature levels can be well assembled. This can lead to quite an energy saving and an increase of sustainability.

Unique opportunity to a complete solution

Due to the renovation of the campus this is a unique opportunity to have the TU Delft serve as a test lab for a complete heating solution. How many buildings can use the mutual waste heat and how the heating resources can be optimized is being investigated.

Alignment between buildings through a smart network

The problem that has to be solved is the continuous alignment between the different buidings on the one hand and the present and yet to realize sources (boilers, WKOs, WKKs, geothermal energy) on the other hand through one existing heating network.

From high to low temperature

The need for such an intelligent heating network is a result of the planned transition from a high-temperature network to a mid-temperature network. Older heating systems deliver high temperature heat (up to 130 ⁰C). With newer, sustainable systems the heating is possible with mid temperature (80 ⁰C). These systems will operate side by side for a while at the TU Delft. How to succeed in getting an optimal heating supply is being investigated. A heating network with mid temperature heating is appropriate for sustainable resources. A high temperature heating system uses fossil fuels. If this transition becomes a success and the new intelligent heating system works well, this will offer plenty of opportunities to use it at other building complexes, for example at other universities or hospitals.

​Test Labs Intelligent Networks

The TU Delft campus is one of the twelve test labs of the Innovation Program Intelligent Networks (IPIN) of AgentschapNL. IPIN is aiming at speeding up the process of introducing intelligent networks in the Netherlands.


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Program manager
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