Pro Motor Award 2016 for Ekolectric!

Ekolectric will provide us with a better environment

Ekolectric will provide us with a better environment

With the module part, called 'the Ekolectric', it is possible to drive on electricity: using a 'click-and-go’ principle an Ekolectric can quickly and easily transform a fuel driven car into an electric one.


An important starting point for developing this is that existing cars can relatively easily, and at a reasonable consumer cost, be transformed. Ultimately, opting for this will be decided upon by performance, price, and safety and recyclability considerations. The result will be being able to drive a car you are used to, but which is completely electric, at an attractive price, and on a full tank of gas at €1.50.

Good for the environment

Driving electrically, with an Ekolectric saves 1000 kg of CO2 and up to 375 kg of particulate matter per year. The Ekolectric makes the car green, affordable, sturdy and reliable. The Ekolectric engines easily rotate for 1.5 million km in the factory. And, introducing the Ekolectric can save more than 600 kg of raw material by extending the life of existing vehicles.


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