Urban Distribution

Cutting costs by shared urban distribution

Cutting costs by shared urban distribution

Shipments to the centre of Delft can be done more efficiently and can be ‘greener’. For this reason the City of Delft has started the project ‘Tailored Distribution Delft’.

This project must ensure that as many deliveries as possible are bundled, and delivered in an efficient and cleaner manner within the city centre. The number of delivery trucks within the centre must be reduced in order to reduce emissions, noise pollution and general nuisance. Shopping is more comfortable in a city where there are fewer delivery trucks driving around. Improving this will contribute to a better living climate in Delft.

Last Mile Scan

There is also a cost component to this initiative, as has been proven by the ‘last mile scan’. In order to establish if a tailored urban delivery system would result in cutting costs, the team at ‘Tailored Distribution Delft’ developed the ‘last mile scan’. With this scan it is possible to calculate what the costs are for each delivery within the city and as such calculate if an urban distribution option would be an attractive alternative.

The team has, for about 80 different companies delivering to the city centre, shown that they can save on costs by taking part in an urban distribution scheme. Around 50 have agreed to participate in the project if in fact this is proven. Together, these companies are responsible for around 1,200 deliveries to the city centre per week.

PostNL started

Following the review of the ‘last mile scan’ the project team put to tender the urban distribution plan. PostNL and Combiwerk won this, and will in all probability already start implementing the project in 2014.

The Tailored Distribution Delft team continues to motivate and encourage companies to contribute to cleaner and more efficient delivery systems in the city centre.

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