Charging Lane

Charging lane for electric vehicles

Charging lane for electric vehicles

Electric vehiclesDecentralized connection with central charging unit

The charging lane consists of a central controlling unit where loose charging points are connected to. This way the charging points are compact, cheap and suitable for any situation. Thanks to the innovative system that ensures the usable power is used optimally and distributed amongst the connected vehicles it is possible to alter the power supplied, but just as easily the amount of charging points.

Different charging points

At the Beta Factory the first charging lane has been realized and one can witness the four different types of charging points, made from: steel, plastic, wood and concrete. These four charging points allow for up to eight cars to be charged simultaneously. All visitors of the Beta Factory are allowed to park at these spots which means that some will be occupied by regular vehicles, however not all spots will be occupied which means there will always be a free space for an electric vehicle to charge.

Smarter ways

At the Beta Factory the municipality of Delft wants to demonstrate that there are smarter ways to realize an infrastructure for electric vehicles. COLEGA consultancy has executed the project that was commissioned by the municipality. With a second demonstration project at the Henry Dunantlaan, which is located in a residential area, four charging points have been realized. At the beginning of 2017 another two public charging lanes will be completed at Wilhelminalaan and the avenue behind Wilhelminalaan. It is up to the executing party, named EVSmart, to install such charging lanes also outside of Delft.

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